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Goal 1,000 posts

7/7/2009, 2:55 am by bobbymotown

We need to reach 1,000 posts overall by the end of October and we will set a new goal then, ty

new buying section

4/7/2009, 1:56 pm by Rougewraith

the buying section uses your points to buy the products in the store. as demand increases so can the price Craxy any questions post them here Smile

r u lost

2/7/2009, 3:11 am by Rougewraith

the only thing that changed was i put some categorys in any "?'s" send me a PM

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    Zerg-hydralisk Empty Zerg-hydralisk

    Post by Rougewraith on 12/7/2009, 11:43 pm

    The hydralisk is a zerg evolution of the slothien. While slothiens were peaceful herbivores, the hydralisk is noted as being one of the most fierce and sadistic of the zerg strains. During the initial zerg invasion of the Koprulu Sector, hydralisks commonly reached 5.5 meters in length and could draw themselves up to over 2.4 meters in height. Since the Brood War hydralisks have evolved to be much larger. Since hydralisks move relatively slowly over open terrain, it is common for hydralisks to burrow and await their prey to enter killing range before attacking, destroying their enemies in a deadly crossfire. Despite their relatively sluggish nature, hydralisks can climb vertical surfaces and continued evolution of the strain through muscular augmentation has resulted in faster hydralisks.


    Hydralisks may attack directly with scythe-like arms or strike from a distance with volleys of armor-piercing spines, the latter being the more common method of attack. Hundreds of spines are stored in the upper carapace plates; when the hydralisk attacks, it must fold back the carapace flaps. These spines have been specifically evolved from the defensive urticating (stinging) hairs of the slothien and may be "grooved" for increased range. They can penetrate 2 cm of neosteel even at maximum range, such penetrative force stemming from their remarkable muscle structure (4,000 muscles compared to a terran's 629). In addition, these spines are slightly poisonous, symptoms include interference in a terran's vision. Fortunately for their enemies however, a few seconds warning is given before a hydralisk launches such a volley, courtesy of the carapace folding back.


    The hydralisk is descended from the slothien.

    The first recorded encounter between terrans and hydralisks (or "hydras" as they are occassionally named) was aboard a cargo vessel. The hydralisk was recorded by the derelict ship's security cameras. Current terran tactics for dealing with the creatures stress the need for siege tank support.

    Prior to the beginning of the Brood War, hydralisks gained the ability to mutate into lurkers.

    Zerg-hydralisk Hydralisk_SC1_Art1

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