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We need to reach 1,000 posts overall by the end of October and we will set a new goal then, ty

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    List of Terran Infantry Weapons


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    List of Terran Infantry Weapons Empty List of Terran Infantry Weapons

    Post by Rougewraith on 19/5/2009, 1:34 pm

    A-13 grenade launcher
    -The A-13 is a human grenade launcher originally used to launch illumination rounds

    AGR-14 rifle
    -The AGR-14 is a terran 8 mm gauss assault rifle. It is capable of firing supersonic jacketless slugs that can tear through a human body. It made a very intimidating roar.

    Apocalypse-class nuclear missile
    -Apocalypse-class nuclear missiles were a type of nuclear missile used by the Terran Confederacy before the Great War. Due to the destruction of Korhal, the Confederacy began using much smaller nukes. The missiles are smaller than dropships.

    Automated chain gun
    -The automated chain gun is a small versatile weapon that light infantry can build. They can be attached to vehicles. Short ranged, they consist of a single rotating barrel, the weapon locking on to nearby enemy forces. It is rather vulnerable however, and easily destroyed.

    BE3 grenade
    -The BE3 is a type of terran sticky grenade.

    BOSUN FN92 rifle
    -The BOSUN FN92 is a terran sniper rifle issued only to ghosts. The FN92 has superior magnification capabilities over other weapons and is accurate over a range of hundreds of metres. It has a four round magazine and the following stats;
    Modes: Single/Zoom, Range: 1800m, Reload: 3.1s, Ammo: Armor piercing

    -A Bazooka is a man-portable anti-armor rocket launcher, utilizing high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) shells. The bazooka is seemingly utilized by terrans, roughly equivalent in size to the C-10 rifle

    -The blaster is a terran pistol, seemingly a more powerful version of the slugthrower. It is powerful enough to even wound an overlord, the blaster is generally holstered on the thigh.

    -The Blunderbuss is an antiquiated terran weapon. Despite being rendered obselete in the 19th century, a blunderbuss somehow found its way into the hands of the prospector Rastin on the remote world of Bhekar Ro, 600 years in the future. It was used effectively against rodents that pilfered his stores, though against the zerg, was next to useless, resulting in the prospector's death and subsequent infestation.

    -Boulder-blasters are explosive projectile weapons used by terrans. Mounted on robo-harvesters, they fire explosives to clear fields of boulders for cultivation.

    C-10 rifle
    The C-10 is a terran 25 mm. canister rifle issued to ghosts. It has long range and high accuracy and may fire a wide variety of rounds. The explosive rounds (canisters) appear to be charged with energy instead of relying purely on conventional explosives and have the power to destroy siege tanks from the inside. A ghost with a canister rifleLockdown rounds may temporarily disable mechanical units. In addition the C-10 may be fitted with a frequency targeting laser to 'paint' targets for nuclear strikes. Four years after the Brood War the C-10 could fire electromagnetic pulse (EMP) rounds. Ghosts also took to using the C-10 as an anti-personnel sniper rifle on the battlefield. A more sophisticated version of the C-10 may also exist.

    C-14 rifle
    -The C-14 Impaler gauss rifle is the terran standard issue weapon to marines of the Confederate Marine Corps and the Dominion Marine Corps, and is common throughout the Koprulu Sector. In use by 2478, the C-14 fires hypersonic 8 mm. armor-piercing metal "spikes" which may penetrate two inches of steel plating. The weapon is fully automatic with a rate of fire of 30 rounds per second. Fully automatic fire is discouraged under most conditions. Instead a capacitor system is used to fire the weapon in short bursts, conserving ammunition and minimizing power requirements. The C-14 rifle has high recoil; CMC armor is designed to suppress this. CMC armor may supplement the rifle's power supply. The C-14 should not be confused with the AGR-14 rifle. Both maybe referred to as "assault rifles" but the latter may be a scaled down version of the former.

    C-140 flamethrower
    -The C-140 Epyon was a human plasma incinerator cannon. It was the standard issue weapon of United Earth Directorate firebats during the Brood War.

    C-141 AC rifle
    -The C-141 AC is a human gauss rifle. It was the standard issue weapon for United Earth Directorate marines at the time of the Brood War. It presumably operates in a similar fashion to the C-14 rifle, albeit being more advanced. It differs slightly in appearance and function however, featuring a more cylindrical structure and seemingly possessing a secondary fire mode, firing single, high powered shots with greater recoil.

    C-150 pistol
    -The C-150 Ronin was a human .50 caliber pistol. It was the standard issue sidearm for United Earth Directorate infantry at the time of the Brood War.

    C-20A rifle
    -The C-20A can be customized quickly into an assault rifle, especially effective in close quarters. It has a 24 round magazine and is referred to as the C-20A gauss rifle in this mode. The C-20A features an in-built grenade launcher attachment, capable of lobbing a variety of grenades. Known varieties include:
    EMP Grenade, Flash Grenade, Hellfire Grenade, Irradiate Grenade, Lockdown Grenade, Sticky Grenade. The C-20A can function as a sniper rifle. By attaching a scope, the C-20A effectively becomes a sniper rifle. It gives info on the target such as health, range and whether they can be locked down.

    C-7 pistol
    -The C-7 Stinger is a terran gauss pistol that fires 8 mm spikes designed to provide maximum penetration of all armor types. It is the standard issue sidearm of Alliance marines.

    Chain rifle
    -The chain rifle was a terran marine weapon. It could be fitted with a bayonet. The magazine of the chain rifle was smaller than that of the C-14 rifle. Interestingly, it bears structural resemblance to the C-141 AC rifle.

    Chain-gun cannon
    Combat knife
    Deuterium-eight charge
    Double-barreled shotgun
    E-11 lockdown device
    E-9 rifle
    EMP grenade
    Flak pistol
    Flash grenade
    Fragmentation grenade
    Gun turret
    Hellfire grenade
    Hellfire missile
    Heuristic mine
    Hopper mine
    Ion Cannon
    Irradiate grenade
    Lockdown grenade
    Napalm rocket
    Needle gun
    Nuclear missile
    P-45 pistol
    P100 pistol
    P1000 pistol
    P180 pistol
    P220 pistol
    P30 pistol
    P500 pistol
    Perdition flamethrower
    Pulse pistol
    Pulse rifle
    Repeating pistol
    Satchel charge
    Shape-charge mine
    Spider mine
    Submachine gun
    T10 pistol
    T20 pistol
    TX2 pistol
    Tactical nuke launcher
    Thermonuclear charge
    Torrent SR-8 shotgun
    Wrist cannon
    Z50 pistol

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