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Goal 1,000 posts

7/7/2009, 2:55 am by bobbymotown

We need to reach 1,000 posts overall by the end of October and we will set a new goal then, ty

new buying section

4/7/2009, 1:56 pm by Rougewraith

the buying section uses your points to buy the products in the store. as demand increases so can the price Craxy any questions post them here Smile

r u lost

2/7/2009, 3:11 am by Rougewraith

the only thing that changed was i put some categorys in any "?'s" send me a PM

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    Post by Rougewraith on 20/5/2009, 2:25 pm

    During their long exile, the Dark Templar have faced many challenges. Struggling and adapting their arsenal of skills and converting their biology to suit their harsh environment has ultimately resulted in the dark archon.

    Like their high templar brethren, two dark templar sacrifice themselves in a psionic melding giving rise to the dark archon. The powers of these avatars of psionic might extend well beyond those of the regular archon, more than compensating for their lack of any physical attack capability.

    The burning, crimson figure of the dark archon spreads fear across any battlefield. These powerful creatures of living psionic energy embody the eternal wrath of the Dark Templar. They are so powerful that the Dark Templar have outlawed their creation for a thousand years. In addition to being able to wield psionic powers, dark archons can also wield the energies of the Void.

    The creation of dark archons was allowed after the Khalai came to Shakuras, the Dark Templar homeworld. Matriarch Raszagal and Zeratul authorized their use due to Aldaris' rebellion, which included archons fighting on the side of the insurgents. This would have been the first that the Khalai had ever seen or even heard of a dark archon.

    The dark archon is a "spellcaster" with no regular attack, unlike the archon.

    The dark archon shares some characteristics with the archon. Most of its health is invested in shields, so they are vulnerable to the science vessel's EMP shockwave. They are also neither biological or mechanical and are therefore immune to a great many abilities, such as Lockdown and Spawn Broodling. They also count as hovering and do not trigger spider mines.

    Its Mind Control ability may be used offensively by automatically depriving an opponent of a unit, especially expensive ones. On the other hand, mind controlling can allow for greater flexibility in a protoss force. For example, medics complement a force of zealots as much as they do marines. More ambitiously, stealing SCVs or drones opens up the terran and zerg tech trees respectively and additional supply points, but there are rarely enough resources to exploit this fully. Mind control is almost never used in the highest levels of play. In the rare case that it is used, it is almost always used on an ally's SCV or drone, allowing the protoss player access to more supply and units.

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